Mental Health Impact of the Pandemic

Everyone has felt down, especially during the course of this pandemic. Our social networks who are usually our supports for emotional well being are less likely to be a continual presence in our lives, as a result of health restrictions to keep people safe. Sure, you can have a virtual talk with them, but everyone knows it’s not the same as seeing them in person. Think of a long distance relationship. Sure you can talk to them daily and as much as you want really, but couples always try to make plans to meet in person at some point in the future. That’s the end game, the goal that will finally be realized when they are finally able to embrace that significant other in person. What we have been experiencing collectively on a global scale is exactly that, a long distance relationship with our support network, be it friends, family and other people who have been a part of your social life and now no longer are, at least in person.

Humans are Social Creatures

We’ve heard it time and time again that humans are social creatures. No other time in recent history has this been such a universal struggle as now during the pandemic. Is it any wonder people are starting to feel negative and depressed about the state of life the way it is?

That’s where mental health initiatives come into play. Governments are starting to do studies of how the pandemic has impacted students to drive decision making in the future, which is a good step forward. However, these types of initiatives and studies are so far in the future to be realized and come into fruition. We need more immediate solutions in the meantime and as I suggested in my previous blog, there are ways to cope and relieve stress that can be utilized by all kids to help with anxiety and stress. Now, what about adults? Have you tried “Positive Programming?”

Gratitude and Mindfulness

Gratitude and Mindfulness

Feeling of GratitudeNo other time in recent history has the feeling of gratitude been more pronounced. After the mental, physical and social toll of the pandemic’s wrath upon the world over the last year, life is finally beginning to return to some semblance of...

A State of Mind

You probably have heard of the slogan that “attitude is the one thing that makes the biggest difference.” That’s what Positive Programming is, it’s a state of mind, a way to think positively. Common advice is that if there are toxic people in your life, it’s best to not be around them. The logic of Positive Programming is the same, surround yourself with people and messages of positivity so you can live a more positive life. To get into a positive state of mind, try mindfulness meditation. It is a practice that can give one clarity and allow one to focus on the positive aspects of life.

Positive Programming 101

There are obviously many different ways to try to relieve our everyday stresses that people all around the world have started to take up, especially with the ample amount of alone time we are finding ourselves with this last year. People have taken up baking, gardening, buying a pet, and so on. But Positive Programming is something that everyone can do. What if you actually can’t bake well at all? What if you really don’t have a green thumb? What if your allergies prevented you from buying a pet in the past? These parts of your life may be hard to change even with more time on your hands. Positive Programming is what you can do for yourself and it doesn’t involve more than your desire to change the way you think. So give it a try, you just might change the way you think! Watch Positive Empowering Affirmations to get a jump start. 

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Please note that the content provided is for informational purposes only.


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