A Journey through Mindfulness Meditation

Take a Deep Breath and let go of the day,
Quiet your mind, let your worries stray,
Bring your awareness to this moment now,
Embrace the peace, let your troubles bow.

Find a comfortable seat, a quiet place,
Allow yourself to sink into inner space,
Let the noise of the world drift away,
As you enter into a state of mindful play.

Focus on your breath, it can be your guide,
Notice the sensation as it flows inside,
Be present with every inhale and exhale,
Allow your thoughts to soften and unveil.

Observe the thoughts that come and go,
Without judgment or attachment, let them flow,
Return to your breath, your anchor and friend,
Let it guide you to a state of calm, transcend.

As you sit in stillness, let your heart expand,
Allow gratitude and love to take command,
For in this moment, you are truly free,
Connected to yourself, the universe, and all that can be.

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Please note that the content provided is for informational purposes only.


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