Light At the End of the Tunnel

The need for positive thinking today. With the year that was and the pandemic’s wrath upon the global health of humans worldwide, don’t we need some positivity in our lives? With the advent of vaccines making their way to countries all around the world, there seems to now be a glimmer of hope that life can start returning to some semblance of “normal,” in the future, a future many are indeed looking forward to restart once again. This unprecedented year has also shone a spotlight on the importance of our mental health and wellbeing for adults and kids alike.

Think Positively!

“Positivity and the power of positive thinking,” isn’t just a slogan, it’s a belief system and process that needs to be practiced often, preferably daily, to keep our worries in check and keep our minds clear, happy and free of distractions that can serve as barriers to our emotional wellbeing. Gandhi, Mother Theresa, Oprah Winfrey and many others have spoken positive and powerful words, positive quotes, that can inspire us and re-energize us to conquer our daily challenges with focus and perseverance. Our failures are lessons and our achievements are celebrated with goal setting mindsets to pursue even more. This inner strength and conviction is like a muscle that needs to be exercised to gain strength and needs to be practiced consistently to maintain that strength. Enter practices like Positive Affirmations, Mindfulness and Meditation, powerful tools that can guide us along our journey of positive mental health and wellbeing.

Kids Can Put on a Happy Face Too!

Adults aren’t the only ones who can benefit from the “power of positive thinking.” I would suggest that kids are at an advantageous stage in their lives where positivity can change lives and attitudes for the better ever so more. If we think of kids as young adults, which they are, we can start early to help kids feel that they have the power to choose their attitudes and make positive choices in their lives at a young age. As they grow up, these lessons will help them navigate their world more readily as their world becomes ever more complex and challenging. This year has been especially difficult for kids as the pandemic has changed aspects of their lives such as school, social relationships and mental health for a tailspin, aspects of their life which were generally quite stable, consistent and predictable before the pandemic. Now more than ever, kids need our support to guide them along their mental health journey and tools like meditation, positive affirmations and mindfulness can be introduced to kids to help them along their mental health journey as well. Here are some suggestions to try, meditation for kids videos with mindfulness and positive affirmations bundled in, to pack a strong mental health punch!

As already mentioned in my blog, mental health has indeed been tried, tested and challenged over this past year more than ever. Many are struggling with their mental health over this past year but leaning on each other and practicing mindfulness, meditation and positivity through positive affirmations as tools that can help, if even a little bit. What are some ways that have helped you with your mental health and wellness this year?

If there is a lesson to be learned from this pandemic, it is the resiliency of the human mind to withstand the overbearing and negativity of the year that was. This is a perfect opportunity to embrace our new life with a profound sense of gratitude. Wouldn’t you agree?

Share your thoughts below to add to this important conversation that affects all of us to varying degrees.

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