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Think of the last time you ate something truly delicious. Was it your grandma’s savory pie? What was it about this dish that was so memorable? Did you eat it and want more? Of course, you did, which is why we talk about savoring a dish, taking the time to truly enjoy it, recalling every hint of spice or sweetness we can decipher from the dish we are currently enjoying, to the very last crumb.

The Foodie Craze

I was truly mesmerized by the new “foodie” craze of the last decade that is still going on today, be it in a more scaled-down version due to the pandemic. There were people like Mark Wiens, Food Ranger, Strictly Dumpling, and others just traveling around the world and eating exotic dishes, and their Youtube videos were being watched by millions of people all around the world. People love food! I am definitely one of those food fans, who watched these food videos on Youtube, and experienced almost like a spiritual awakening, living through the host of these videos as they savored and described the food they were eating, while simultaneously we as onlookers tried to immerse ourselves in that experience, imagining it was we ourselves who were taking a bite of that tasty dish. Yum!

Taste in the Moment

As you already know, mindfulness is to be in the moment. When you were travelling before the pandemic, did you notice many people trying to get that perfect shot and spending lots of time trying to capture that moment? In some respects, I can understand that the memories from your trip are at least being captured but on the other hand, people are missing the experience of truly being in that moment, truly enjoying that moment with all our human senses. Our “pictures may speak a thousand words,” but they can’t replicate the moment fully either. It’s the same with food. Sure, you can get a virtual taste of what the host is eating from how they are describing it but many people are truly curious and can’t wait to hop on a plane and try it for themselves one day. I know I was inspired myself.

These Youtube videos have been inspiring for many people I know to get out there and see the world, experiencing all the exotic and familiar cuisines that elicit feelings of joy and satisfaction in foodies all around the world. When international travel restrictions are lifted on a more global scale, I know I will be eager to travel and enjoy global food again but for now, these Youtube videos will serve as inspirational goals for the future when I will be able to experience food again in a mindful way! Global foodies re-unite!

Where would you like to travel to savour some delicious food? Comment below.

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Please note that the content provided is for informational purposes only.


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