Feeling of Gratitude

No other time in recent history has the feeling of gratitude been more pronounced. After the mental, physical and social toll of the pandemic’s wrath upon the world over the last year, life is finally beginning to return to some semblance of “normal,” due in large part to the “science of creating vaccines.” The vaccines have created much hope and happiness for a world that has been gripped by the pandemic’s overwhelming effects upon the mental health of humans on a global scale. There is no wonder that with the introduction of these life-saving and lifestyle-saving vaccines is the world finally seeing the “light at the end of the tunnel,” a long, arduous, and destructive tunnel on so many levels.

Returning to “Normal”

With the world slowly opening up businesses and getting people inoculated, there is an overwhelming feeling of gratitude emerging amongst the world at large. People are beginning to be able to see loved ones, enjoy the company of others and resume their everyday lives that were once, let’s face it, taken for granted and are now simple pleasures that we are embracing now more so than ever, such as a simple hug and the embrace of a loved one. This is also a perfect opportunity to practice mindfulness and positive affirmations to show your appreciation to life as we knew it and are now, being able to live once again. Take the time to embrace this gift that has been given to us to renew and energize your mental health. Here are some suggestions for you to embrace your new positive outlook on life and to keep it that way. 

Kids Can Be Kids Again

Adults aren’t the only ones who are feeling grateful and appreciating life all the more these days. Kids are embracing this gratitude culture as well because they are seeing their world “return to normal” too. Who can blame them? School over the last year has been far from normal and the social aspect of school has been tested, despite the best of efforts by all involved. Reopening of school plans were meant to provide normalcy, while still practicing health restrictions designed to keep students and staff safe, a tall order, and despite these best efforts, simultaneously had a rather detrimental effect on kids mental health as well. Why not channel this gratitude into a learning opportunity for kids and provide them with the mental stamina to navigate future challenges in the future? Practicing kids meditation, positive affirmations and mindfulness are approaches to reach this goal of mental strength that we all want to foster in our kids. Here are some suggestions for video resources that will help guide kids on this mental health journey to try.

If there is a lesson to be learned from this pandemic, it is the resiliency of the human mind to withstand the overbearing and negativity of the year that was. This is a perfect opportunity to embrace our new life with a profound sense of gratitude. Wouldn’t you agree?

What was your child’s experience during this unprecedented school year? Feel free to comment below and get this important conversation going.

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Please note that the content provided is for informational purposes only.


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