Now that kids are staying indoors more and staring at their computer screens, many parents are concerned with the frequency of screen time. Although, it is no coincidence that screen time has increased since the pandemic, kids are online also because they are expected to learn online in order to complete their school studies. In this regard, kids are attending to their intellectual and academic well being, but what about their physical well being? As kids are growing, parents know that their kids need to remain active for their physical well being, but how is this possible if they are staring at their computer screens? Is there a balance to achieve or are there alternatives?

As an educator myself, I am always trying to keep my kids active in my classroom. Not only does it help students to learn because they are moving and having fun, students are also looking after their physical well being and their growing bodies. Students are taking part in daily physical activities that help keep them healthy. Is there such a thing as learning and being active at the same time while in front of a computer or device screen though? Kids are no longer in their classrooms since the pandemic created the need to shift from traditional “in class” learning to the new era of “online learning” and for some kids, “school is out” for the forseeable future. So what is a parent to do?


There are interactive learning sites, but the limitation with many of these is with the “interactive” part. Sure, kids are able to take part in the learning but the extent of this “interactive” part is limited to the use of their computer mouse. I am referring to movement activities that do both, help kids move and keep them thinking. I am referring to whole body movement, the kind that students get when they are in school. We refer to it as daily physical education and the amount varies by school, but it is a daily activity nevertheless. This is beyond the recess times when kids are playing outside and it is a “big deal.” I can personally attest to the benefits my students get from their participation in daily physical education activities. Students feel happier and more actively take part in their learning at school, at least in my experience. The benefits seem clear to me.

Upon performing a search for online content to fill this need, I have found a select number of quality sites that get kids moving and learning at the same time, but once again, the selection is quite limited to my knowledge. This inspired me to create and grow my own learning channel organically from the ground up. It was because of this void and limitation in “true interactive online learning” that my team and I just recently launched an organic, “down to roots grown” learning channel that is devoted to making kids the “star of the show” where they are not only learning and having fun, but also staying active all at the same time!

We are so excited to have released our brand new learning channel back in April 2020, during the midst of when the pandemic created a need for kids to stay home and learn online. My team truly feel that this is a service that will benefit many kids and their parents alike. Our goal is to make a difference during a very difficult time. Hopefully, more kids and their families can benefit from the launch of our learning channel called: Journey Into Learning, starring JIL the Ladybug, as she goes on virtual, interactive, online field trips to real and imaginary places. Kiddybugs get to perform the movements and feel like they are truly part of the show and actually there with our lead character! Be prepared to run, jump, duck and fly in an interactive forest adventure in search of Buggsy, JIL”s friend. Join JIL on a trip into space, an amusement park and so much more! JIL also loves to sing and dance and cannot wait for Kiddybugs to join her on her upcoming adventures!

So what are you waiting for? Don”t cry the “stay at home blues.” Get out there by getting online with JIL the Ladybug, who will take you with her on a virtual, online, field trip adventure you will never forget, and get active!

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